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You are at the new website of the company Pierrot Sp.z o.o., which is
a combination of an information website with an advanced platform
for the wholesale client, where they will be able to:
  • become familiar with our full range of products,
  • plan their purchases using a mobile storage room,
  • check the availability of goods and discounts,
  • place wholesale orders quickly and easily.

A few words about the Pierrot brand

img wnetrze homeThe Pierrot brand was established in Poland in 1995. Paweł Wiertelak was its founder.

Pierrot is a market leader in the area of interior decoration; it is appreciated for the quality of its products and its customer service reliability.

Pierrot brand products are perfect for flats, houses and public utility areas such as restaurants, cafés, hotels etc.

Owing to our products, you will be able to create your own unique interiors without using a decorator’s services.

We create beautiful objects with passion, building new collections and series and meeting our Clients’ preferences and expectations. Join us and find out the power of the Pierrot brand.